"Porter, mistress of the short, sharp character portrait, is that rare breed - nimble witty comedian. A soloist with a neat collection of personas, Porter sketches them with the perfect physical gesture ... Porter is always delightful, often wickedly funny." Sally Sommer, The Village Voice


"audience ... delirious with pleasure." Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times


"audience in stitches ... exquisitely crafted yet accessible little gems." Julinda Lewis, Dance Magazine


"A tour de force.  Enchanting.  Her comedic timing is masterful." Phyllis Goldman, Backstage


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    • "Her program was vibrant with wit, humor, and originality, all on a delightfully small scale. Refreshing. Porter's timing is flawless." - Wilma Salisbury, Cleveland Plain Dealer
    • "Like all sophisticated humorists, Porter has a sharp eye, a good sense of timing and tolerance toward those she satirizes." - Elizabeth Lee, Ballet News
    • "Her accessibility puts her in the category of a political cartoonist." - Barbara Figge Fox, Garden State Home and Garden Magazine
    • "Pungently humorous pieces tailor-made for small theater spaces." - Valarie Sudol, The Sunday Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ
    • "Porter's deliciously wild humor erupts through her studies like fire. Her subsequent gestural analysis is as rigorous as any anthropological kinesic study. Her work is smart, musical and skilled." - H. B. Kronen, The Morning Union, Springfield, MA
    • "Humor with love - specific, perceptive, ironic." - Municher Theaterzeitung, Munich, Germany
    • "Droll and beautifully observed character studies." - Burt Supree, The Village Voice
    • "Placing her considerable education at the service of her art, she performs with the precision of a mathematician, the line of a dancer and the attention to detail of a movement analyst. In addition, she brings to her work a marvelous dry wit, a keen sense of satire and the perfect timing of a natural comedienne." - Wilma Salisbury, The Cleveland Plan Dealer
    • "Wonderfully quirky, buoyant and expressive. Mesmerizing." - Hap Erstein, Palm Beach Post
    • "A master at combining words and movement." - Elizabeth Zimmer, The Village Voice
    • "[The] audience [was] ... delirious with pleasure." - Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times
    • "Whatever it is, she certainly provides an evening of provocative entertainment." - Susan Roccoli, The Flint Journal
    • "An immensely imaginative and inventive parody, the work has a clarity of focus that is refreshing. It's also just plain funny." - Elizabeth Lee, Durnham Morning Herald