Johan Elbers

Johan Elbers

Slipping Into Weather

"Full of Smart Self-Mockery"

"Insight that doesn't take itself too seriously is at the heart of good comedy.   Claire Porter knows this, and her Slipping into Weather is full of smart self-mockery.  Moving like a cross between a weather girl and a mime artist, she reels off absurd, clipped statements about the weather: 'temperature is uh-huh,' 'sky is hu-huh,' 'pressure is uh-huh.'   Though they don't particularly reveal anything about the atmosphere around her, Porter's strange, jerky movements and circular, non-sequitur monologue speak volumes about what's happening inside.  Her slight, muscular body is brewing a tropical storm system of emotion, and the way she moves - looking at once in control and totally out of control - makes for a witty statement about prediction and restraint." Alice Naude, Manhattan Spirit

"Hilariously Outlandish Movement" 

"You'll love Slipping Into Weather, created and performed by Claire Porter.   She not only talks a good one, but also molds her body into hilariously outlandish movement patterns while illustrating her deliberately confusing chatter." Jennie Schulman, Backstage