Steve Speliotis

Steve Speliotis


"Cleverly Crafted"

"As a concert pianist in Piano, Porter arrived onstage to find the piano missing.  The bench was there, and so was the audience.  But the crucial instrument had been detained.  Undaunted, Porter kept the crowd entertained by describing her mental preparation for a performance and giving elaborate program notes about the pieces she had hoped to play.  To prepare herself for making music, she cleared her mind, went into an ecstatic state and kissed her fingers.   In her program notes, she discussed the music and her relationships with the composers: Art Honegger and Samuel Adler. At the end, Porter lifted her hands above the missing piano.   As she struck the non-existent keyboard, the light went out and the music was played in darkness. Her repertoire is cleverly crafted from everyday gestures that reveal human foibles." Wilma Salisbury, The Plain Dealer

"A Superb Sense of Timing" 

"Porter's works are to dance as etudes are to symphonies.  She has a keen eye for the ridiculous, a bemused acceptance of the absurdities of contemporary urban life, and a superb sense of timing." Julinda Lewis, Dance Magazine