Sentenced to Sentences (2019) A writer with an idea tries to express that idea in one simple sentence. In doing so, she discovers/invents that sentence as she becomes it.

Witnessing Adverbs (2018) Varied views of a singular event (in a courtroom), reveal the humor and tragedy of bias.

Beyond, a libretto (2017)

The Lectern (2017)

Report from the Search Committee (2017)

Gamely Mannered (2016)

Small Stories (2015)

Electric Shorts (2015)

Diorama Moment (2014)

Witnessing Adverbs (2014)

Pronoun Emergency (2013)

Falling for Prepositions (2013)

At The Gate (2012)

Modern on Modern on Modern (2012)

Lady Lamp (2011)

Looking for the Remote (2011) An hour long piece, text and movement, for 12 actor/dancers examining how we are so easily dissuaded from attending to what is important.  Music by Guy Klucevsek. Created for Wagner College, Staten Island.

Matter of Influence (2010)

On the Map (2010) A trio performed with Susan Thomasson and Sabatino Verlezza, a sequel to Connecting Flights, exploring the difference between reading a map and actually being on location.

Play (2009)  (for Rowan)

Breaking News (2009) A quartet with Jen Katz, Jim Martin and Bill McKinley, a dark commentary on today's news media and their drive to alarm.

Happen Chance (2009) A solo of the social connections that shape who we are and how much we are each influenced by chance.

Interview (2007)