Namely, Muscles

Namely, Muscles is a new full evening's piece with Claire Porter portraying Dr. Nickie Nom, Forensic Orthopedic Autopsy Muscular Anatomical Surgical Specialist, for the county, as she gives a reading from her new book of poems, Namely, Muscles. Her 30 plus poems enact 68 major muscles of the body and then some.

Among the Poems:

  • Psoas - The Tender Bender
  • Gluteus to my Ear
  • Long in the Head
  • Just the Meat
  • The Rotator Gang
  • Names on your Nerves
  • Tongues
  • And Now a Word From Our Tendons
  • And more

"A Funny and Inventive Performance"

 "Claire Porter's Namely, Muscles was a funny and inventive performance — Students and faculty are still talking about the Platysma being so elegant!!" Balinda Craig-Quijada, Program Head, Assistant Professor, Kenyon College Department of Dance and Drama

"Smart and Delightful"

"Claire Porter mines the extravagant, arcane and mundane names of muscles, their origins (and insertions), meanings and associations to produce a witty, smart and delightful evening of theater." Madeleine Scott, Director, School of Dance, Ohio University

"She Never Disappoints" 

"Way too often I am disappointed when dancers start talking in their work - except Claire Porter - she never disappoints." Michael Kelly Bruce, Interim Chair Department of Dance, The Ohio State University


....Who else could make poetry out of the muscles of the body?.... a new gem from the imaginative Claire Porter....." Vera Blaine, Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University

"but you look so normal!" Jim Gold, Folk Dance Teacher