"Comedic Gem"

"The comedic gem of the evening was provided by Claire Porter with her hilarious Mulch (aka Garden Variety). Dressed in a dingy brown jump suit with her hair trussed-up under a garish green scarf, she became a plot of dirt explaining how to 'dress up' a garden.  While drolly enumerating the more fashionable mulches to use for that quintessential nineties look, she made little scarves pop out of various parts of her costume, then disappear again, as if shriveled by drought before our eyes.  In the end, it was spring as she peeled the scarf off her head to reveal a burst of wildly colored blossoms." Tom Wachunas, Dance Magazine

"Very Funny"

"A diminutive creature, Porter is supple, imaginative, and just odd enough that you never know quite where an improvisation will take her.  She's also very funny." Bob Mondello, Washington City Paper


"Porter's physical and verbal agility give her irresistible vignettes a highly polished surface, but her comic aim is deep as well as sure." Burt Supree, The Village Voice

"Her chatty, twitchy horticulturist in Mulch (aka Garden Variety) promotes the use of mulch as if it were the essential fashion statement for plants.  All the while, she extracts a series of scarves tucked in the various nooks and crannies of her overalls. Arms disappearing inside her clothing, she laboriously removes a pair of tights from her body, still talking, finally drawing the garment out of one pants leg.  By the end, she has turned herself into quite a flower beauty." L.A.Small, The Village Voice