"Dynamically Inventive"

"Dynamically inventive....   The deft Claire Porter has no problems bridging the gap between the spoken word and expressive movement.   Dry humor plus imaginative by-play gives her interweaving of text and motion dramatic entity." Ernestine Stodell, New Haven Register

"Incomparable Interpretation"

"The witty piece Lecture, a pointed sendup of a college professor's classroom performance, was made for the choregrapher to dance, and probably no one could match the precision and detail of her incomparable interpretation." 
Wilma Salisbury, The Plain Dealer

"Repetitively Brilliant" 

"Porter's pieces are repetitively brilliant.  In Lecture, the zany repetitions build to a crisis.  Eventually, the lecturer flies totally off the podium, doing a kind of aerobic lecturecize Porter asks and answers impossible questions: What is a lecturer without a lecture? A pianist without a Piano?  A diner without dinner?" 
John Osburn, The Sunday Camera, Boulder