Julie Lemberger

Julie Lemberger

Home Stretch 

"A Way With Words"

"Claire Porter has a way with words ... the true physicality of her art comes in the form of lush and gymnastic verbiage.   HomeStretch ... takes particular delight in the textual possibilities of the spoken word. On its simplest level, the piece is a lengthy enumeration of the plants in her yard. But in wrapping her tongue around the name of each species and punctuating the syllables with an almost musical rhythmic breathing, Porter brings the blooms to near human life." Anne Tobias, Dance Magazine

"All About Language"

"The timing of the detail is hilarious.  Porter's mastery of comedic delivery - a mixed bag of stand-up innocence with avant-gard trappings - has never been more apparent than here.  She states and repeats her words as if they and she were infected with a breathing disorder.   The piece is all about language.   This symphony on allergies, this flower power Wisteria hysteria, is another Porter tour-de-force." Tom Wachunas, The Phoenix, Brooklyn

"A Bravura Vocal Style" 

In HomeStretch, Porter displayed a bravura vocal style reminiscent of the late Cathy Berberian.  Directed by Minneapolis composer Mary Ellen Childs, the imaginative piece treated vowels and consonants like musical notes that were sounded, repeated, developed and transformed.  The house-and-garden text allowed the versatile performer to hum her m's, hiss her s's, sneeze her goldenrods and yoo-hoo her arrival.  In Porter's inventive choreography, a simple crossover turned into a gestural tour de force." Wilma Salisbury, Cleveland plain Dealer