Johan Elbers

Johan Elbers

Green Dress Circle

"Brilliant comic solos" 

"Brilliant comic solos.  The essence of dance/monologue comedy from the cunning mind of Porter is originality and a fair amount of elbow grease.  In Green Dress Circle, Porter's words and spiky, exaggerated gesturing welcome us and give us an orientation to the theater ... the building ... the neighborhood ... the continent ... the cosmos!   No matter how far afield she takes us, certain word cues bring us spiraling back surely to the green of her earring, the circle of her hem." L.A. Small, The Village Voice

"Reminiscent of Lily Tomlin" 

"Porter, a lanky, spiky-haired chameleon of a performer, employs text, movement and a million and one telling gestures to create a diverse group of solo characters.  This quick-talking lady creates an often hilarious, totally accessible brand of 'performance art' (a hard-to-define and frequently misunderstood term) more reminiscent of Lily Tomlin than any extreme avant-garde type.  Porter opened the program with a dazzling mock introduction in which she pointed out, both verbally and physically, the playhouse's exits, fountains, etc. and then extended her tour to include the fartherst reaches of the hemisphere." Pamela Sommers, The Washington Post

"Unique Brand of Humor" 

"Claire Porter's unique brand of humor has a way of catching you off guard while at the same time making you feel included." Julinda Lewis, Dance Magazine