Fund Raiser

"Masterfully Orchestrated"

"In Fund Raiser Porter begged her audience for financial support in a self-satire that was spoken and danced.  Porter's exceptionally detailed gamut of tics (oral, facial, body) was masterfully orchestrated to thrive on the repetition of patterns until it seemed as if some nerve would have to burst from the artful pressure." Molly McQuade, Dance Magazine

"Refreshingly Original" 

"Gifted with a keen eye for satire, she can send up the ladies of the Junior Committee with the lift of an eyebrow. Refreshingly original, she creates amusing vignettes that are uniquely her own. Each miniature piece is presented with clarity, control and a hint of exaggeration that brings out the humor in the simple movements." Wilma Salisbury, The Plain Dealer

"Porter uses Fund Raiser to alternately exhort, entice, and pelt the audience with words. When reasonable facts and figures fail to elicit donations to her oh-so-worthy organization, Porter turns to pathetic pleading and then, most cleverly, to a soft-porn sales pitch, which encourages us to 'lust to give' and demands that we 'penetrate our ample means.'" Anne Tobias, Dance Magazine

"Her Fund Raiser unerringly targeted the foibles of every beleaguered development director who has ever forgotten a speech." Barbara Figge Fox, Dance Magazine

"The Audience ... Adored Fund Raiser"

"Claire Porter deftly satirized all charitable appeals in an excerpt from Fund Raiser .  Portraying a well meaning but often bumbling speaker, she fumbled with her notes and fussed with her reading glasses, then employed wile after rhetorical wile - from threatening the audience with belligerence to luring it with sexy slinkings - in the hope of aiding whatever worthy cause her character represented.  The audience at this particular fund raising gala quite understandably adored Fund Raiser ." Jack Anderson, The New York Times