Johan Elbers

Johan Elbers

Fitness Digest

"A Unique Talent"

"Porter qualifies as a unique talent of witty off-beat solos.  Fitness Digest, cast her as the chatty instructor of an exercise class absurdly devoted to toning up unconscious physical processes like blinking, breathing and digestion.  Accompanied by her own barked out commands, arranged and rhythmically elaborated a la Spike Jones, Porter skewered a whole host of satire-fitness celebrities, the overly serious exercise faddist, the comic contortions of the average aerobics class.  Her performance was a little gem of insightful observation translated into a performance of personal style...." Valerie Sudol, The Star-Ledger

"Her singular repertoire of movement monologues [are} part stand-up comedy, part Weidman-like mime movement. Her Fitness Digest parodied an exercise instructor with its barked instructions to one's vascular and glandular systems: 'Juices, secreted!'" Barbara Figge Fox, Dance Magazine

"A high point of the evening was Porter's Fitness Digest, a takeoff on aerobics in which its creator blabbed and gesticulated her way through an absurd, side-splitting routine that made reference to body parts, aging, excretion and myriad cultural trends." Pamela Sommers, The Washington Post

"Mistress of the Double Entendre"

"Fitness Digest proved Porter to be a mistress of the double entendre.  Seated on a stool, decked out in a mod leotard, Porter guides us through a series of toning exercises -- 'blink, blink, twist, twist'-- until we suddenly realize that 'grow gracefully' sound an awful lot like 'grow gray' and, on an even more macabre note, 'waist away' is actually 'waste away.'  On the surface a humorous look at the American quest for eternal youth, this monologue gradually reveals itself to be, at least in part, a sober inquiry into the nature of the body's inevitable decay." Anne Tobias, Dance Magazine